Dark Aeons IRC Channel (DarkMyst)

Dark Aeons General Channel

This Channel is for use by anyone that would like to discuss the Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles Role-Playing Game. It is for Out of Persona use. Have fun chatting. The same rules for the Dark Aeons Email List apply to this IRC Channel. '

Dark Aeons In-Persona Channel

This channel is for use by anyone that wishes to partake in Online role-playing of there Dark Aeons Personas. The setting for this channel is the Inferno Club in Arkham MA. It is a 4 story dance club with a VIP club at the top and the dance floor on the ground floor. The music being played is a mixture of Dark Wave, Gothic, Electronica,and Industrial. '

If you have questions, or need assistance getting into or using the Dark Aeons IRC channels, you can reach Athena; the Lead Moderator at